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Everything is hot about his short video.

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I could see whether he came or not, but just his bod and dick got me hard. Too bad about the stoopid disco soundtrack.

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Continuing the theme, here’s new ToeGasms model, Martin. I wouldn’t even need a beer or two…

The video below shows Criss slappin’ his uncut cock against his foot and then later the big splashes of cum on his smooth, muscular body. The lighting really shows off this boy’s best features. This is a promo video. The original on the web site is high quality and is presented at the proper aspect ratio. There are several Prague boys on the Toegasms site, including Slovak Honza, with whom I’ve done biznis and shot some video of, as well.

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Zak is one of Jizz Addiction‘s hottest young men, so much so that he can do the seeming impossible – namely, make those who don’t like solo videos get off in spite of themselves. Nice natural body hair, but not too much to turn off the twink lovers, a real nice bulge and self-sucking round out this video.

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This may well be the sexiest twink I’ve ever featured on the blog: Small and lightly muscular, he’s got a big dick, fully-grown pits and a lovely happy trail. He’s certainly the one with the best facial expressions. In this vid, he gets sucked and jacked off by a beautiful bisexual Latino and a white gay boy who spends way too much time precisely manscaping his facial hair. The two of them really enjoy getting the straight twink off and the twink is very appreciative. He’s full of life, energy and fun. Sorry for the big gallery and for the fact that some of the pix are out of order. I got a little carried away with wanting to capture all the boy’s wonderfully goofy expressions. I also found myself needing to ejaculate as I was working on it. I hate my job.

Download Servicing the Straight Boy video here for free.

By the way, if anyone knows who the twink and the Latino are and where to find more of them, I’d really, really like to know.

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eight pretty cocks all in a row
Line ‘em up and suck ‘em off. Click the image to enlarge. (That should work on most images in the blog now.)

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Hot twink masturbation video

The censorious twats at XTube have deleted the twink video I embedded. Soooooo, I uploaded it to my own server. You can see it streamed here below, or you can download the .flv file from EatLime. The latter is what I’d prefer since it will save bandwidth on my server. But whatever.

Download the Twink Masturbation video here for free. A zipped .flv file. You must have a Flash player to view it. Sorry.

Network members, I’ll be uploading it there shortly.

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[Hey, I'm just repeating what the description says.]

As most of you know, I don’t go much for twinks. I’ve been trying to collect twink pix for the last couple months, since I started doing free galleries. So far I’ve only managed to find 37 photos I’d even want to share. Yes, I actually photo-edit. Clearly, I’m not the man for that particular job.

But, I know crossover appeal when I see it, and this twink has it. Plus video usually shows off a boy’s attributes better than a photo, unless he’s a queen, which this little stud definitely is not. Dirty-blonde and boyish, completely smooth and slim, he nevertheless has a scrumptious bush and a very handsome cock. It’s not much when it’s soft, but watching him get it hard is a lot of fun. At one point, he thoughtfully pushes it forward to the full upright position and lets us get a longer look. Thanks, lil’ bro!

Click here in case the player doesn’t show up.

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I’ve put a couple galleries in the FREE PORN section under Jizz Addiction. I’ll be including some sample vids in the next couple days.

My buddy Craig joined Jizz Addiction and told me he got off within 15 minutes. Sounds like a good recommendation to me. Join Jizz Addiction and support this blog.

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Sorry, but my network is private at the moment. Special invitation only.

I love this cute butch little twink:

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At last, gigandick comes, and comes a lot – about 6 huge spurts. First, he plays with his big cock inside a pair of Joe Boxers, printed with hot dogs.

Some interesting biographical information:

Brazilian guy presently living in NY. Love hearing from guys who get off on my videos and pictures. I want to know what your thinking about when you jerk off to my pics. I do not cam so please don’t ask. My “cock manager” takes care of shaving me, taking my pics and shooting my videos.

Wish I had a “cock manager.”

Click here in case the player doesn’t show up

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